Speed Dating

Matchmehk seizes the opportunity to break free from being single. High-quality male and female guests are waiting for you to get to know them.


University or above
Total: 28
男: 0
女: 0
Male: 25 - 40+
Female: 22 - 35+

Welcome professionals

Afternoon Tea Date for Mature Singles


Encounter more intersting and high quality singles

Are you a career-focused professional or a downshifting person who is enjoying life? We welcome you to sign up and find a partner who fits you.

This is not only an event to find love, but also an opportunity to expand your social circle and make new friends. In this event, you will communicate with other outstanding single men and women and share each other's experiences and stories.

We wish you good luck in finding that special someone!

Degree or above
Total seats: 20
男: 6
女: 5
M: 35-50+
F: 34-50+